Thursday 22nd August: Panos Mitkidis (Aarhus) Why Everybody (Yes, You Too) is Corrupt (15.00-16.30)

Wednesday 28th – Saturday 31st August: Visit from Robert Hepach (Department of Research Methods in Early Child Development, Leipzig)

Wednesday 11th September: Arianna Curioni (Social Mind Center at CEU) Interpersonal dynamics and cognitive processes supporting coordination: theory and data (16.00-17.30)

Many joint actions require task partners to coordinate actions that are very different from each other. This creates the need to find trade-offs between the optimal way of executing individual actions and deviations from optimality that support coordination at various levels. The tension between individual optimization and joint optimization also poses the question of when it is convenient to incur in such individual costs to support coordination. I will present studies from our research group investigating what interpersonal dynamics and cognitive processes influence people’s decision on whether to engage in coordination, and how people find the best behavioural trade-offs to achieve on line coordination.

Monday 23rd September: Alessandro Salice (University College Cork) Primitive Promises (15.00-16.30)

In a series of articles, Margaret Gilbert has defended what she calls the “joint commitment account of promising,” according to which promises can be traced back to joint commitments: Pamela’s promise to Sam that she will φ coincides with Pamela and Sam’s joint commitment to the decision that Pamela will φ. On this understanding of promising, promissory obligations derive from the joint commitments the promisor and the promisee have entered. In this talk, I reject Gilbert’s account and develop an alternative view of promising. This is a primitivist view, according to which promises belong to a primitive or sui generis kind of speech act.

Tuesday 5th November: Guido Löhr (Bochum): Commitment and Language (16.00-17.00)


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